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About us


  • is a production plant for precision parts and precision engineering instruments
  • delivers customers of mechanical and plant engineering, chemical industries and refineries worldwide
  • generates products of measurement and control technique, process engineering and plasma deposit welding
  • standard products are water meters, flow indicators, metal fluid filters or plastic slit screens for highly aggressive media, high precision burning heads and dosing devices for plasma deposit welding
  • disposes a subcontracted processing for mechanical precision parts


  • 1925 founded by the fine mechanics foreman Wilhelm Koch in Frankenthal/ Germany
  • first specialized in the production of water meters
  • possessed a foundry, turning lathes, assembling and testing system
  • a significant patent of water meter techniques led to profitable advantages
  • prominent in those days, Koch opened up international markets all over the world
  • 1958 his son-in-law, engineer Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Neuburg, joined in the company
  • introducing of further products like sight glass armatures, flow indicators and full flow filters for pump manufacturers, power plants and chemical industries
  • particularly increasing of the machinery and capacity of fabrication
  • Neuburg established the mechanical subcontracted processing
  • 1988 handing-over to his daughter, engineer Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Annette Neuburg-Linnebach
  • innovations in manufacturing procedures with modern machines controlled by CNC and CAD for engineering and design
  • development of new products for filter systems and plasma deposit welding
  • optimized the fabrication of existing products
  • computerized manufacturing planning and order processing

Thus, the philosophy of KOCH-NEUBURG GmbH is to fabricate low-priced, insusceptible and innovative products for industry connected with a rapid and reliable project management.