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Application example in automotive industry

PTA  welding (Plasma  Transfer  Arc)

Industrial field of application:

  • car and engine building: valves, valve seats, tipping levers, camshafts, valve heads
  • glass industry: glass moulds
  • iron and steel industry: moulding tools
  • printing: cylinders
  • mining industry: excavator buckets and teeth
  • power plants: valves, pump shafts, shaft protective casing, bearings
  • chemical industry: shaft bearings, rotors, extruders
  • shipbuilding: bearings, shafts, screws

Advantages of PTA welding compared with other welding procedures:

  • low compound
  • high melting efficiency (short time)
  • low, very accurate surface welding thickness

The plasma burner is a water-cooled machine burner, carried out vertically. To give off thermal emission during long-term operation, all parts consist of copper and brass. The cathode is made of tungsten with thorium 2%. The anode is water-cooled and consists of  electrolytic copper. Feeding the concentric powder into the plasma electric arc directly, high melting efficiency (12kg/hr) with very low injection wastage is possible. Constant power amounts to Pilot 200A, Transfer 400A. Expendable parts anode and cathode are replaced easily. Thus, minimal exchanging times are realized.

The powder conveyor ensures an absolutely regular powder support to the burner. Being localized above the powder conveying wheel, the hold tank contains 10kg in standard design. These very regular and constant powder conveying in the range of 0 - 12kg/hr follows the injector principle. The gas delivery rate is infinitely variable from 0 - 20L/min.