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Screw sight glasses

Types of sight glass armatures with head screw connection

Screw sight glasses

  • without dangerous glass damaging
  • fast and proofed assembling of sight glasses

Pulling on sight glass screws for sight glass armatures with flange connection and sealed direct connection leads to irregularly damaged glasses. The risk of stress crack formation and bursting of glass, extremly dangerous under operation condition, is difficult to estimate. This insecurity is removed by employing sight glass armatures with head screw connection. With the help of this construction, an absolutely regular compressing of the sight glasses is guaranteed. Fast assembling of glass plates is another advantage. The troublesome fastening of several screws, especially by intensed nominal bores or nominal pressure states, is dropped.

We offer head screw connected sight glass armatures with flanged connection of nominal width from DN15 to DN80 or with screwed connection from G1/4 to G2. Nominal pressure state PN16 or PN25, respectively. Temperature range from -10 to +120C. Housing material  St37 or C22.8, according to DIN 17243. The sight glass plates are made of borosilicate.